CJ started Djing at the tender age of 16 (1977) after being asked to take over the DJ duties because the DJ hadn’t turned up that night at Samanthas nightclub. After which the management felt he could do a good job and asked if he would like to do it part time.

Well within a year he was their number one resident DJ at which point he left to become a resident at the sister club HOMBRES in Well Street for which he stayed off and on for 8 years, In that time the biggest breakthrough for CJ was linking up with the Pirate radio station HORIZON RADIO in 1981. Horizon radio was first heard in Oct 1981 & CJ became the most popular Horizon DJ in its short history because of his club DJing talents. In that time he worked with some of the most well known figures in radio and club National Soul Festival ALL dayers /STEVE WALSH/FROGGY/GEORGE POWER/ROBBIE VINCENT.

1984 CJ left HORIZON and joined SOLAR Radio where his popularity increased having residencies in North London /Silver Lady/ East London Oasis/ central London HOMBRES / South London Lime lights.

1985 CJ was voted in the top ten club and radio DJ's for blues and soul magazine the significant thing about this was CJ was the only Pirate DJ in the top ten. 1990 CJ joined the community radio station WNK which he enjoyed until left to pursue other business interests.

Today CJ lives in Miami and has also come back and worked at Mi-Soul, Solar radio Starpoint and now London Music Radio LMR Tuesdays 7pm - 9pm and Friday’s 3pm -6pm.