CJ Carlos Radio Show & Re-Edits

CJ Carlos Radio Show & Re-Edits

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Every Tuesday, 7pm-9pm BST

Cj Carlos Re-Edit Show Live From Miami

Every Friday, 3pm-7pm BST

CJ Carlos Request Show Live From Miami

Every Saturday & Sunday, 3pm-7pm BST

Cj Carlos Show playbacks

Full Weekly Schedule

Tuesday 7pm–9pm: The re-edit show with CJ Carlos.

Wednesday 7pm–9pm: Dj Dubzy soulfully mixed show.

Thursday 7pm–9pm: Richard Lobban the soul good VIP show.

Friday 1pm–3pm: DJ Asif the warmup sessions.

Friday 3pm–7pm: CJ Carlos the request show.

Friday 7pm–9pm: Dj  Tricksta.

Saturday 11pm-1pm: Des Michell The Soul kitchen.

Saturday 1pm-3pm: Repeat show DJ Asif.

Saturday & Sunday 3pm–7pm: Repeat show CJ Carlos.

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